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Temporary Loss of Income

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeI have no words. Truly. I have lived most of my life on the financial edge. Some of that has been by choice: working in theatre and committing to a life outside of theatre working for non-profits addressing social justice issues and I try to be as resourceful as possible. But, of course, sometimes the unexpected happens and I wasn�t ready when the unexpected hit me. It�s hard asking for help. It�s so much easier to for me to offer help. I never understood the fear, shame and stigma my clients often described feeling as they walked into the various agencies that I have worked at offering resources and support. Until now. But I asked anyway because I am a mother first and foremost and that allows me little room for the luxury of fear or shame or stigma. And that was when I discovered that shame was unnecessary because Modest Needs is an amazing community. You all have graciously come in and lifted me up and I have been overwhelmed and humbled by the support of this campaign. From you. Yes, you. Thank you. It means the world to me. Thank you for being part of this and helping to give me the time to recover finacially. I will never forget this experience. I may rethink or retool my career choices moving forward (but no worries I�ll still be committed to social justice!) and even though I can�t possibly repay this debt of gratitude, I will pay it forward. Thank you, thank you, thank you. - Carolyn

Single Mother of Child w/ Autism Needs Help with Rent

My Story:

I am a single mother of two: an amazing 17-year-old daughter and a wonderful 22-year-old son who is severely autistic and completely non-verbal. We live in San Francisco, in a rent controlled apartment with a turtle and goldfish. I have recently been furloughed from my position as a merchandise seller at the Broadway touring production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at the Curran Theatre in San Francisco.

As a result of being furloughed, I have applied for unemployment, but my application has been 'pending' for several weeks. Additionally, I had unexpected, emergency surgery last summer and recently helped my severely developmentally disabled son transition to an adult group home. Both events, back to back, have taken up my meager savings. I have been living month to month since. I expect to bounce back from this recent crisis, but currently find myself in a financial bind in terms of meeting my rental obligations. I need Modest Needs help paying one month of rent.

My family and I currently live in a rent controlled apartment in San Francisco and it would be devastating if we lost our housing due to my current inability to pay rent. Our landlord is disinterested in making a payment plan with us. If we are able to secure Rental Assistance for next month, I am certain I will be able to save enough from my unemployment benefits to meet my rental obligations for the following month. Thank you.

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This request for help was funded at the recommendation and through the support of Modest Needs' donors.

Application Status Update: On 2020-05-21, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $600.00 to Johnny Wong, Landlord on behalf of this deserving individual.