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Coronavirus: A Family of 4 Needs Help with a Medical Bill

My Story:

I have been married to my high school sweetheart for over ten years and we have two beautiful kids: a 7 year-old boy and a 6 year-old girl. Both pregnancies were high risk due to my autoimmune disorder, so everyday we've watched them grow has been an absolute blessing to us. After their school work is done, we love to stay outdoors and they love writing to their friends.

We have always tried to set aside money for my medical bills and sometimes we have been lucky enough to find a co-pay assistance program. Sadly, there is no treatment for my autoimmune disorder, so every treatment has been one of trial and error. I have been undergoing treatment since 2010 and have found little aside from the medical debt I have accrued as a result of these trials. My husband and I have both picked up extra work whenever we could, like helping to clean my kids' school. In summary, we need this grant to help pay my medical bill.

These funds would help ease my mind, thereby helping me physically as my autoimmune disorder reacts poorly to excessive amounts of stress. We have struggled to make ends meet because of the pandemic and my husband's hours have slowly been cut back, but with your help I can make sure that my household bills are paid and my kids are taken care of. My kids have amazingly kind hearts already; my 7 year-old son worries about me and has offered me his savings several times, bringing a tear to my eye each time. While my kids already have strong hearts, I want to demonstrate to them the importance of being kind to strangers. Thank you all for your generosity and kindness, especially during these trying times.

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