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Coronavirus: Single Mom Laid Off, Please Help With Bills

My Story:

I am a single hard working mother of two daughters - one still living at home. My youngest daughter is 13 years old. She is in her last year of middle school when we were shut down from this illness (Covid-19). She loves soccer and track. We have a family dog. I work full time as a self employed for two businesses (salon and party rental business). These businesses are both shut down due to Coronavirus pandemic.

My daughter and I work very hard for our family businesses to make ends meet. These last three years we have been living pay check to pay check to make ends meet. Then this virus shut down our businesses and we now have no income to make sure our mortgage and utilities are paid. Since her father and I split, I have not had any extra cash with the business closed. It is very scary times right now. One stress not needed. My daughter and I need Modest Needs' help to pay our insurance and utility bills, so that don�t get further behind during these times.

With the help of this funding we will be able to pay our utilities so we do not have to risk them being turned off. This will keep us current so we do not have to stress about it while she is home from school, since the school closures. Having no income, and the world being forced to stay home is already a scary time. But no income is even scarier. With this help I will be able to not stress during these stressful times. Thank you.

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