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Coronavirus: Hospitality Industry Worker. Needs Help With Rent

My Story:

I am single female living in Miami. I work full time in the hospitality industry, getting paid less than minimum wage, since I work mainly on tips.

I had a bad last year - I was paying rent with credit cards trying to keep my head above water. When I started new job I was slowly being able to breath again, at least living paycheck to paycheck as opposed to burying myself in more debt. Now I've been forced into unemployment for a month as of today with no income coming in. I would be humbled and greatly appreciative if Modest Needs could help with my rent.

The funding would have me caught up on most of my bills. This money would give me peace of mind and the ability to keep from drowning again, because there is no set day the economy will open back up so I can return to work. Thank you.

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