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Coronavirus: Roomates In Restaurant Industry Laid Off and Need Your Help

My Story:

I am a recent college graduate single and am going currently applying to graduate programs as I am very passionate about education. I was working full time as a bartender. I enjoy running, rowing, and swimming in my spare time. I live with my best friend and roommate who is single and was also working full time as a server. He is very passionate about music and growing in the industry/ leisure industry. We have both been financially devastated since both loosing our jobs due to the COVID-19 virus.

We are both in our early 20's and we both work in the service industry and we make a living off of peoples' generosity. We both have been laid off due to Coronavirus and we didn't and do not have any benefits from our job. We both live pretty close to living pay check to paycheck. We are both paying off our student loans and our living expenses and we do not have any savings that we haven't already used. We need Modest Needs help paying for our rent. This has severely negatively impacted by this unprecedented event and would be so grateful for any assistance we could receive.

This has financially devastated us and will for months to come since we will be behind on other bills. Personally, we will be positively impacted because even though we are in trying and stressful times this will give us a nudge of motivation and inspiration. There is nothing greater than gesture of kindness when strangers help strangers! Hopefully, God willing, we can one day return as donors ourselves. Thank you!

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