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Coronavirus: Server Out of Work, Need Help With Rent

My Story:

I am living alone and this quarantine is really trying on my mental health. I usually spend the majority of my time around other people, whether at work surrounded by others, or with friends. I now find myself alone with no way to pay my bills.

I have some debt that I am paying off and usually I live day to day, paying bills with the money I make that night. The quarantine was pretty sudden and restaurants were one of the first places to shut down. I was also exposed to someone who tested positive for the virus and had to self-quarantine for 2 weeks. This cleaned out what little money I had set aside. I now need Modest Needs help to pay one month of my rent.

This funding will free up what income I still have coming in to go towards my goals of getting out of debt. I would like to go back to school and this would really keep that dream afloat. Thank you!

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