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Missed Work: Need Rent Help

My Story:

My fianc� and I live in our first apartment with our 4 pets. He is in the process of applying for disability and in the meantime he helps me with our family and household. I work full time and am in school part time.

I was let go from my job due to my 3 chronic illnesses since I was missing a lot of work. With my fianc� not working, we fell behind on rent. I started my new job, but am struggling to catch up with rent and keep our lights on and family fed. We earn enough money to keep up with bills, but the unexpected job change made it a struggle. We need Modest Needs' help to pay rent. I am fearing that we. Will lose our home/

This funding will bring our home current and caught up with bills, restoring our sense of stability during these hard times. I just started a new job and don�t want to have issues because of my home life. Once rent is paid, I'll be able to maintain our expenses. This would make a huge difference in our lives.

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