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Hard Working Man Needs Car Repair Help

My Story:

I am a Therapeutic Support Specialist at a not for profit school for at risk youth. I love my job and I feel I can guide other children along their difficult path to become successful.

My vehicle is my only means of transportation. It takes me to my job and it will not pass inspection until I get four tires and front breaks and calipers. If I don't get this done when my inspection is up, then I will be without transportation to my job. I live paycheck to paycheck and have very little savings to be able to pay for this since I am still paying for the car as well as my student loans. I need Modest Needs help to cover this repair bill.

This funding will relieve the burden of this unexpected expense and allow me to attempt to return my budget to normal so I can continue to offer my support and expertise to the at risk youth. Thank you.

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