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Need Help With Car Note Because of Unexpected Car Repairs

My Story:

I am a widow of almost 5 years, living by myself with my 2 pets. I recently moved to another state to work at a newly opened branch for the company I work for. I work full time as an Assistant Branch Manager.

When I made the move my car had issues. What I thought was something small turned out to be a huge expense. Not only that, one of my Mini Schnauzers passed away unexpectedly and I had to find a vet to have him cremated. That was another expense. I got another pet so the one I had would not be lonely. I live paycheck to paycheck managing to make my monthly expenses. The auto expense was just more than I could afford and has hurt me financially. I am asking Modest Needs for help with my car payment. I'm fearful of not being able to afford it because of the unexpected expenses I have had to make when I moved here.

If I can get help with this expense, it will help tremendously get me back on a path where I can keep up with my monthly expenses. As of now, I am worried about not having the funds for it.I am still trying to catch up on other bills. Your help would bring a little relief to me. I plan on paying it forward even if in a small way once I get back on my feet.

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