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Hardworking Family in Unexpected Hardship Needs Your Help

My Story:

I am engaged and have a 15 year old boy. I was living with my finance and son. I bought my grandmother�s house in September 2019, which I had the opportunity to use my 401k. We moved in October 2019. We moved to a different town that my soon to wife , knows nothing about, but where I grew up here in this house I bought and town. My finance cleans houses and I was a Welder for 20 years, 10 years with one company, 10 years with my next employer, Only two jobs I had in my life.

My previous company sold their business and it took all of my 401k right when I purchased this home. Moving, on top of unemployment and new home expenses caused a huge set back. I need your help with my phone bill while we catch up.

I need my phone for work, and I am so afraid it will be shut off soon. This would help my family get back on our feet and back to the way we where living, without the hard times in our life. This funding will also help my family accomplish advancement and provide for my family.

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