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Mental Illness Care Takes Time Away From Work & I Fell Behind

My Story:

I am a single man who lives alone. I love my parents and my brothers, and am very blessed to have them in my life. I work hard, and I love exercise, doing crossword puzzles, and trivia. I work full-time at a warehouse, and am seeking to take on a second job in order to help pay down my debt. I love animals, and am preparing to go back to school to become a veterinary tech or veterinarian.

For the past several years, I have struggled with severe depression and anxiety, which have made it difficult at times for me to maintain a job, and to otherwise function. I believe I am on the path to effectively managing my health conditions.I earn just enough to cover my basic expenses every month, but I usually live paycheck to paycheck. I recently experienced a yearlong period of unemployment, during which time I fell far behind on many of my bills, one of which was my auto insurance. I began missing payments several months ago, and the past due amount has added up. I unfortunately have had to miss several days of work due to my health conditions, and as a result, my income diminished enough to make it very difficult for me to make the current payment. I need Modest Needs help to pay my auto insurance premium, which includes a past due balance. I am unable to make this payment after having had to miss several shifts at work due to my health conditions. I was forced to choose between paying my rent and my car insurance. I am worried that if my insurance provider cancels my insurance, that my car registration could become voided and my license revoked. I won't have any way to get to work, and fear I may lose my job.

This funding will prevent my auto insurance from being cancelled, and will pay most of the past due amount. This will result in my future auto insurance premiums being much lower, and more affordable. I am preparing to take on a second job to help me pay my other debts, and even to build some savings to help protect myself should this happen again. I am preparing to return to school to be able to work as a vet tech, which I think I'll love, as I really love animals. Your help would have a major impact on my life, and it is something I would forever seek to pay forward to others. I believe in giving, and I would love to be financially stable enough to be able to give again.

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