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Recently Single Mother Needs Your Help With Car Payment

My Story:

I am a recently separated mother of one teenage boy who has been dealing with a crap since may. His father suffered a devastating heart attack and was on life support for two months with.0.1% chance of survival. Thankfully, miraculously, he has recovered, however the second blow came when he asked for a divorce. I've been a housewife for 20 years, working few hours a week at a pediatricians office. I'm proud to say that I am the founder of non profit business.

My kid is terrific but these last months have affected him greatly and still struggles to keep his head above water. He is a junior in high school with so much potential but has lost sight of his future. I am determined to get him through this and back to his old self. In February, I started a new journey in the community by forming a non profit basketball team that helped at-risk/less fortunate teenage boys in the community. My mission was to provide the best academic help and basketball exposure I could. They are my second family and ironically have provided just as much love to my son and myself as Ive given them. We are so blessed to have that support. When my ex husband suffered heart attack, I missed four months of income caring for him. I worked part time between two jobs and my nonprofit. I now need Modest Needs help with my past due car payment.

This funding would have a huge impact on me, both financially and mentally. My biggest fear is losing my car that allows me to bring in an income. I am keep looking for a second job, and still trying to be able to keep my son's routine going, which is critical at this moment. To know that I can focus my mind on additional work, addressing other bills and starting a new life on the right footing would be incredible, thanks to you.

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