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Single Woman Recovering From Many Hardships Needs Your Helping Hand

My Story:

I am a divorced woman living by myself with my 8 year old Labrador retriever. I'm a full time hard working musician, singer and a songwriter. I also accompany for a choir at a christian school in the mornings. I literally work every single day. On occasion I sub for the middle school choirs. I owned and operated a music school for 16 years but it closed its doors last year. However, I still teach private focus sessions.

I work very hard and I pride myself in work ethic and empowering others. I hit a hardship after my divorce and then after an abusive relationship followed. I had a trickle down effect of medical issues (I didn't have insurance at the time) that cost a lot. Though I still worked, I had a hard time retaining my teaching business because I was severely anemic and tired all the time. Then the one thing that keeps me going daily, my dog, was attacked by a pit bull. The veterinary bill costed me a lot. I ended up moving off of that street because I was scared of the neighbors dog. All of this caused me to fall behind financially and now I need Modest Needs help with my car payment.

Your help would truly be a game changer during this tough season. I really need a helping hand after all that happened to me. With assistance, I will be able to start saving some money down the line if any emergency like this happens. Thank you for taking time to read my story and help.

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