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I am a Single Father Trying to Save the Roof Over My Kids Head After I Lost My Job

My Story:

I am a father, working very hard to provide a good life for my kids. I currently work over 40 hours door dashing until I find a job that I can do with structured hours. I have epilepsy which limits my job options. I have 2 boys that need to keep a stable home, and I do not want to lose my kids.

I got laid off from my previous position which caused a gap of income. I scrambled and did everything I could, and now I am doing door dash to try and help pay for expenses while also trying to secure a full time salaried job. I can provide for now, but the sudden job loss caused me to fall behind and I need your help to catch up. Please help me with my rent.

This has been a trying time for my family. This funding would prevent my family from being homeless and I can move forward without the stress and I can do more with my boys.

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