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Please Help Me Pay Medical Balance to Continue to Receive the Care I Need

My Story:

I am a single woman, and full-time employee for a company called Conduent as an Accounting Services Associate. I have a cat named Liza that I adore. My mother suffers from dementia and she likes watching TV or just having conversations with me, when she is doing okay. My father also lives with me and helps taking care of my mother daily while I work (for now). He enjoys reading his bible (a lot) and watches some TV at times.

I suffer from a chronic illness that causes me a lot of pain (fibroids and endometriosis). In 2018, I had a procedure that was supposed to help. I incurred a lot of bills from that. It didn't help. In September 2019, after going home from work from extreme pain, I ended having a major surgery (my 4th). I had to stay home for 8 weeks to recover. Although the hospital has helped me a lot with some of the bills, I have some that are now in collections. I've had to do lab work and was not able to due to me owing so much money to the lab company. I have two particular ones that I uncured for the doctor and the anesthesiologist that are now in collections. I would like to pay them off in order for me to continue to get the medical help I need with my condition. I really need your help with the balance of this medical bill so I can schedule my next appointment.

Your assistance will help me sleep better at night, and also able to make partial payments to the lab company in order for me to do my next lab works. I love giving back. I give back here and also in Haiti to those that are less fortunate. I have not been able to do that lately. Receiving this one-time help will help me get back to helping others that are in need.

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