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I Had a Bad Seizure & Missed 2 Weeks of Work. I'm But Behind on Rent & Am Being Evicted This Week.

My Story:

I am a divorced father that currently has a daughter in college and a son that lives with my mother. While they don't live with me, we do everything we can to remain a big part of each other's lives. I work full time and do everything I can to make sure my kids have everything they need.

For all of my life, I've struggled with a seizure disorder. Normally, it's something that can be controlled with medication, but I recently suffered a really bad seizure that kept me out of work completely for about two weeks and lost all of my pay during that time. I'm back to work now, but that two weeks of lost pay really hit me hard. Last month, I couldn't pay rent & am now a month behind. My landlord has sent me an eviction notice, and I have until Wednesday to pay my rent or get out.

I don't have the money to find a new place, especially if I have an eviction on my rental record. So could you please help me to pay my rent just this month? This funding would get stress of my shoulders and allow me to keep my home. Between this assistance and my next paycheck (now that I am back to work) I'm certain that I can catch up with relative ease going forward. Thank you.

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