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My Car is Unsafe to Drive Right Now, Please Help Me Repair it & Keep My Family Safe

My Story:

I am the father of a seven year old tornado of a girl. Her mother takes care of her and her brother, who is a high school football player while I work. We also have 3 young active dogs, a kitten, some chickens and a few ducks in with them.

Life has been a struggle for a few years due to me being in a chapter 13 bankruptcy. Recently, my car was rendered unsafe to drive due to a bad rack and pinion. We are asking for Modest Needs help to pay for the rack and pinion repair so that we can use our car again. Getting to work and school has been very difficult this past month. We are in need of this repair as soon as we possibly can.

The help we would receive would be most appreciated. Allowing us to have the ability to get where we need to when we need to would keep our family afloat. It would bring peace of mind to myself and our family. Thank you.

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