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I Am a Veteran Father of 3 Who Needs Your Help To Save My Home After Unpaid Time Off at Work

My Story:

I am a veteran of OIF 06-08 and OEF 11-12, married to a strong woman that stood by my side throughout more than half of my military career and that raise our 3 children while I worked. Our children (ages 9, 6 and 2) are very energetic and love spending time as a family.

Usually we are good on paying our bills on time but within the past couple of months we had to install a new roof, which is financed and our taxes went up on our house causing out payment to raise $300 a month. On top of that, I'm a contract worker and am not getting paid vacation days or holidays as they happen. At the end of my contract, they had to take vacation and holiday days off during the holiday season and lost out on pay. On top of all of this I was just diagnosed with a hernia a couple of days ago and my job is labor intensive. We really need your help with our mortgage payment.

We are currently 27 days late on our payment and after the recent financial hardship, I need help catching my family up. Your assistance will help me get my family and myself afloat, financially. I'm able to work regular hours and after I recover from my hernia surgery, I can go back to working overtime to keep my family financially secure.

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