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Illness Caused Me to Fall Behind, Please Save My Car-My Source of Income

My Story:

I am a Reiki Practitioner and I am very into the healing arts. I am the mother of one grown son. I put him through college on my own and he is now just getting started on his own life path. I help care for my nephew who was injured while serving on active duty in the Air Force. Because of him, I donate time doing Reiki for Veterans that need help rehabilitating. I also provide services to others who cannot afford it and donate time to youth who are recovering from drug addiction. I believe all people should have the same access to Holistic Healing. I love yoga, dance, swimming and practicing self care.

I drive for Uber and I make enough to take care of my self and and living expenses. I fell ill suddenly in October 2019 and was in bed for a few weeks. We do not have paid days off with Uber and at this time I have no savings to fall back on. My car payment is two months behind and I cannot work without a car. I really need your help.

This funding would help me to regain my stability and relieve me of this horrible fear and anxiety. I am terrified to lose my job and home. I have always worked and been independent and your help will allow me to stay like that. I love what Modest Needs is doing to help people in crises to not end up jobless or homeless. Your help will give me a chance to build a savings for emergencies. I am trying to turn my Reiki Business into a thriving business. Thank you.

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