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Single Dad Looking to Get Back Up

My Story:

I am a separated father of one amazing son. My 6 year old son is a miracle in itself. We were recommended to abort prior to his birth due to a defect, but he has turned into a blessing. He enjoys building things with Legos or anything really. He is just getting into playing video games, but his time is restricted at his age. I work full-time from home so I do not have to worry about childcare during my working hours and I am always available in case his mother decides not to see him. He attends Kindergarten and we walk there and back each day for some exercise while we do not have transportation.

A few months ago, I ran into some health issues that had sidelined me from working. I began experiencing increased migraine frequency and pain. It escalated to vertigo as well as vision problems and passing out and not waking for several minutes to hours. During this time, my ex-wife was not around to help with my son, and we had just moved into a new house with my girlfriend. She has since left, and he and I live here together. While I can afford the living expenses on my own, I am now behind due to time missed at work. I am asking for help from Modest Needs to help with my rent to get back on track.

I am worried that if I am unable to get this caught up soon that my son and I will be without a home. I am beginning a second and third job from home with small hours, but they will help counter any future problems. This will allow us to be able to live happier and restore some stability to our house. It will make me feel more secure and safe which will allow me to heal once the health issue is resolved.

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