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Autism Diagnosis Not Covered By Insurance

My Story:

I am married and a mother to two amazing boys. Our boy who is 4 years old, is a bright, energetic and sweet boy who was diagnosed with autism, sensory processing disorder, anxiety and fructose mal-absorption. My 2 year old lights up every room he walks into and is a sweet shy, crazy little thing. We enjoy doing family activities, although it can be difficult with our 4 year old's sensitivities. However, we feel it's important that he participate in regular activities and expose himself to as much of the world as possible. I am a full time student and stay at home parent. My husband works up to 50 hours a week to support us.

It was important that we get our son diagnosed in order to qualify him for needed services. We had to travel a few hours to get the diagnosis and it was supposed to be covered by insurance, but it was not. We've fought it for almost 2 years now and no one is willing to help or budge on their position. My husband is the sole income of our household and with all of the other bills, as well as having to pay some of medical and therapy expenses out of pocket, we just don't have the means. His company has changed the scope of their work which has lead to a lot of changes that are impacting its employees in the worst way possible. His hours are either long and gruesome or nonexistent and the pay scale has changed, resulting in smaller paychecks. We need Modest needs help to pay our sons therapy bill. We need your help desperately.

It would be one less bill to worry about and not affect our credit. We have worked hard to get where we are, but with the job changes we have gone from being in a good place to struggling beyond repair. We are grasping at straws and just trying to maintain our routine and lifestyle for our kids, our 4 year old especially. It would be a weight off, as we have been dealing with this for far longer than it should have been. It would mean a lot to have it finally paid off so we can worry about the other bills we are falling behind on. Thank you.

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