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I'm a Healthcare Worker Who Can't Afford Healthcare. I Broke My Ankle. Please Help Me Pay My PT Bill

My Story:

I am a hard working individual who has been at my job for 4.5 years in the healthcare industry. I'm single, live alone, and support myself. I'm very proud of that, but the truth is I earn just enough money to get by every month.

By the time I pay rent and utilities, buy groceries, and pay my car payment, I barely have enough money for gas to get to and from work. I definitely don't have enough money to save for emergencies. much less for any emergencies that come up. But last month, I had a really serious emergency. I was coming into my apartment one day after work when I slipped & fell down the stairs. I was lucky because it could've been a lot worse than it was, but the fall caused me to break my left ankle and sent me straight to the hospital.

Now, because I work in healthcare, I thought I was prepared for this. I have insurance and contribute to a health fund with every paycheck. Well, insurance didn't come close to covering the whole bill, and the remaining balance wiped out my health savings account. Now, I'm stuck with a huge bill for the physical therapy I needed to help me walk again. I just don't have the money to pay this bill, and the therapist's office is threatening to send it to collections, where it'll ruin my credit for as long as it takes me to pay that bill. Without help, that'll be a long time, so I'm hoping that you'll please help me to pay the balance I owe to the physical therapist.

If you could please help me pay this bill, you'd put me 100% back on track. For the first time in months, I'd be able to pay my bills and not have to worry about a broken ankle ruining my credit and destroying me financially for years to come. Thank you for reading and helping if you can.

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