Paid 03/01/2020
Self-Sufficiency Grant
Imminent Loss of Housing

Fully Funded

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeWords cannot express the gratitude I feel toward each of you for helping my family and I. My heart is so filled with joy knowing that there are people in the world willing to help others in their time of need. When the unexpected happens, it's hard to imagine tomorrow, when 'today' is filled with worry. But thanks to you all, the worry is gone. You all helped save our home. I've always known good people in the world existed, I'm just so overjoyed in knowing that such people reached out to me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! As you have all been a blessing to me, God will indeed be a blessing to you all. Because of you, I am moved to help others who are in need. Again I say, thank you!!!

My Boss Charged My Sick Days to Disability, So My Maternity Leave Was Unpaid. Now We Can't Pay Rent.

My Story:

I am a married mother of 3. My oldest is 10; she is very bubbly and compassionate. My 3 year old is a sassy, yet smart little girl. And just 5 days ago, we gave birth to our third little girl. My husband is a patient care tech and I am a product Interviewer in the insurance industry.

My most recent pregnancy was very hard, and there were many days I couldn't get to work. At the time, I thought I was very lucky that my employer had actually paid me for those days, because not everyone gets sick leave. But then, one day before I gave birth, I received a phone call from a leave specialist handling my short term disability. This person had called to tell me that I wouldn't be receiving compensation during my maternity leave because I'd already exhausted my short-term disability benefits. That's when I found out that, all along, I'd never really gotten ANY paid time off. Instead, my boss had been charging my time off to our short-term disability policy, and I'd used up all of my short-term disability during my pregnancy. The next day, I went to the hospital. My paychecks ceased immediately and we don't know how we're going to survive until I can go back to work.

We're a paycheck to paycheck, two income family, and we were counting on my maternity leave because every month, my paychecks pay the rent. My husband's job does not pay enough to pay the rent AND take care of the care of the 5 of us but if we can at least find a way to pay our rent, my husband will be able to take care of the rest during my maternity leave, which is now going to be much shorter than we'd expected. If you could please help us with just one month's rent, we can figure out the rest. This funding will remove the largest burden and will give us the ability to focus on our other bills without having to feel so overwhelmed. Your help will ensure security for our three precious daughters and that alone gives us a peace of mind. We will be forever grateful for this help in our time of need.

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Application Status Update: On 2020-03-06, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $1,292.00 to Park Springs Townhomes on behalf of this deserving individual.