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New Baby, Unpaid Maternity Leave, Please Save Home For 3 Little Girls

My Story:

I am a married mother of 3. My oldest is 10; she is very bubbly and compassionate. My 3 year old is a sassy, yet smart little girl. And just 5 days ago, we gave birth to our third little girl. My husband is a patient care tech and I am a product Interviewer in the insurance industry.

One day before I gave birth, I received a phone call from a leave specialist handling my short term disability, stating I will not receive compensation for the time off for my maternity leave due to the exhaustion of my benefits prior to delivery. This pregnancy was not easy and I was not able to work full time. The money we earned could never be saved because we are already living check to check. My paychecks were ceased immediately and we don't know how we're going to survive for the next 3 months. Our rent is due before January 3rd.

My husband's job does not pay enough to take care of the 5 of us but if we can at least have our rent paid, we can figure out the rest. This funding will remove the largest burden and will give us the ability to focus on our other bills without having to feel so overwhelmed. Your help will ensure security for our three precious daughters and that alone gives us a peace of mind. We will be forever grateful for this help in our time of need.

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