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Missed Work and Relocated: Need Rent Help

My Story:

I am a single 60-year-old who lives with my younger brother along with a small older dog that we rescued off the streets years ago. I currently work at a Call Center about an hour away from home and my brother is currently unemployed.

I have a meager office worker job and I am struggling to survive after having lost my home of over 14 years due to the recession, which led me to lose my job working for the largest specialty pharmacy in the nation. I am now employed again but I recently had to move out of the house I was renting because my landlord had to do major repairs to my previous rental. I incurred a lot of expenses related to our move and now have hardly enough to pay the rent for January. We need your help.

It will have a tremendous impact because it would mean that I won�t have to lose my home and end up being homeless or at least living in my car. In the long term I will continue to provide a home for me, my younger brother and our elderly dog without an eviction recorded in my rental history. With my new job I am confident that moving forward I will have sufficient funds to pay the rent and be up to date with all my living expenses.

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