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Temporary Loss of Income

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Hardworking Family Needs Rental Help After Income loss

My Story:

I am married and have 3 beautiful and God fearing daughters. One lives in Oklahoma married to a brave soldier and my middle child lives in Wyoming attending college to be a Chef. At home is my youngest who is 14 years old, she studies online and I am her learning coach. We both sing all day long and she at times goes with me to work to keep me going. I work for the Census Bureau with data statistics and I attend a university working towards my bachelors degree. My husband works hard for Family Dollar as Assistant Manager. We have 3 family dogs whom 2 are rescues and a spoiled cat.

My job is temporary which means that every year I receive a review to extend my job duties for another year. It is part-time hours so I do not receive big paychecks but enough to pay my bills. My husband's job does not pay high so when we fall behind, it is difficult to catch up. This time we are unable to make our rent payment because I missed a lot of days from work to help my parents move from their house from California to Wyoming. This was unplanned and happened so quickly, but ever since my sister died last December, my parents needed me to be by their side since we are still mourning her death, especially during this time of year. We do not have the money to pay our rent at this time.

Your assistance at this time would be the biggest blessing. Last year our Christmas was mourning the death of my sister and this year I want to bring a smile to their faces, and not worry about being homeless. This would help us get caught up on all our expenses to begin the new year on a positive note. My husband and I have started working as a self contractors delivering food to customers so we can get our finances back in shape. We are doing what we can to take care of our responsibilities and become role models to our family.

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