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Please Help Widow With Rent After Urgent Car Repairs

My Story:

I am a widow and have been struggling to meet my financial needs. I have been down from two car accidents which has left me with chronic stenosis, causing me to continue medical care. I got hit by two drunken drivers.

I do work full time and thank God for the wonderful people at Sacred Heart who have supplied me with food in the past, which I am in need of as well. In spite of my condition at this time in my life, I thank God for people who give help when someone is in need. Recently my car broke down when I was on the road. I had to spend the amount that was almost equivalent to one month of my rent in order to get my car back on the road, so I could get to work. I now need Most Needs with my rent. I am afraid that I will lose my home if I do not pay it.

The funding will bring me peace and security and it will boost my self confidence. I appreciate any help that will help me keep my head above the water and my health in good condition. The less stress in my life the better. Again thank you for taking time to read this and help.

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