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Emergency Car Repairs and Medical Bills Piling Up For Parents of 4

My Story:

I am a married father of four sons. My 14 year old does very well in school, currently running a 4.0 gpa. He is in marching band, regular band and pep band playing the trombone. His interests are movies, music and a recent hobby we helped him get going of raising chickens. He got 6 of them for egg production and does all of the daily care for them. It has been a great experience! My 12 year old also does really well in school. He is also in band and jazz band playing the saxophone. His interests are video games and football which he also plays in a local league. My 7 year old is such a happy boy. He's doing great in school and is interested in spending time with his family and joining in whatever activities his brothers are doing at the time. Lastly, my 2 year old with never ending energy and curiosity! He loves our dog Murphy the Golden-doodle. I work full time as an account manager for a sign service/repair company. My wife is a full time stay at home Mom.

We earn enough to pay for basic expenses every month, but live paycheck to paycheck as it always seems something comes up that keeps us from getting ahead and building savings. My wife's van had to have new brakes and a new wheel bearing assembly installed as the vehicle was not safe to drive. She has to have the vehicle to transport the kids to all of their activities. Then my vehicle, which I need to get to work daily, had brakes that were completely shot and had to be replaced for safety purposes. Then we had eye appointments for our children and had to get a new prescription of contact lenses for my oldest son. Important and unavoidable for him to be able to see at school and not damage his eyes further. Lastly I had a lapse in insurance coverage and I had to go to the ER so now I have a bill without insurance coverage and the looming cost of surgery. The unexpected expenses are piling up. We need your help with our utility bill.

If we receive help with this bill through Modest Needs funding, it will allow us to get current on the account and focus on staying current with our monthly rent payment as well as making regular payments on the other unexpected emergency bills that I mentioned previously. It will give us peace of mind that we will at least not have to worry about our utilities being shut off. It will also get us closer to being able to set aside some funds each month to cover an emergency cost in the future. Of course I want to be able to show my kids that there are people out there willing to help others and they should learn that giving back is a very rewarding lesson to learn. I want them to want to help others if they are in the position to do so.

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