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Missed Work Due to Injury: Need Rent Help

My Story:

I am a single male who recently relocated to North Carolina in order to return to work after a period of unemployment. Unfortunately, this relocation has proven extremely difficult as I was required to leave my family behind and I have no support system in the area. I work full-time as a Restaurant Manager and volunteer as a first responder (Paramedic).

I earn enough to pay for my basic expenses every month, but I do tend to live paycheck to paycheck. I had no savings set aside following my relocation to North Carolina when I unexpectedly injured my ankle just weeks after relocating. I was required to take an unpaid leave of absence, which resulted in a substantial loss of income. This has in turn prevented me from being able to afford my rental payment. I need Modest Needs help to pay for rent for one month. I am now forced to choose between paying rent or my utilities.

This funding will assist with bringing me current on all of my bills again and will restore a sense of stability. I have finally returned to work and your help will get me completely caught up. I am now attempting to save for the future in the event something like this should ever occur again. Your help would certainly make a long-lasting impact.

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