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Desperate Need of Car Repairs to Stay On Track

My Story:

I am separated single mother with 2 adult sons. My eldest lives with his girlfriend and my youngest who is 19 finished high school a few months ago. Although he works it is only part time because he going to school. I work as a licensing and contracting coordinator with an insurance company.

Because my household is basically a single income household I live paycheck to paycheck. Every dime I make is accounted for so simple things like unexpected expenses are a hassle. My car headlights broke so I have been driving around with broken headlights and my check engine light came on. I must get them repaired. The amount of the switch, whatever is going on with my engine and labor to repair them are too much for me to afford right now. I need them in order to operate my vehicle safely on the road. I never have extra money so I can not afford to fix my car and need your help.

This assistance will alleviate the extreme stress and worry I am experiencing. It will help me to be able to afford to get my car repaired so I can continue to go to work and it will also give me a chance to catch up on other monthly expenses that are being affected by my current situation. The impact of the assistance would be so great that I could finally feel like I have been giving a life preserver because I am drowning right now. I do not see a way out. The testimony this service will give me if my application is approved will be one that I spread as far as I can to let everyone know how great it is to help others in need.

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