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Teacher and Mother Needs Your Help After Many Multiple Unexpected Bills

My Story:

I am a public high school teacher. I live in my district along with my teenage son, who has bipolar disorder. I have another son who moved out in August. He is struggling more than I am. I just cannot catch a break.

This has been a terrible end to the year. My 21 year old son moved out, which should be a good thing, but as anyone knows you need help when you first start out. My young cousin became a victim of heroin in October, just after his 28th birthday. I had to travel to New Jersey for his funeral. On Thanksgiving, a rock hit my windshield. My deductible is $1000, so that $400+ had to come out of my pocket. I am now even further behind than I was. Yesterday, one of my students was murdered. I am an emotional mess. I do not have additional time to work another job. I need your help with my phone bill.

I am really scared that I am not going to make it. If I get some help, I won't have to choose between rent or Geico and BGE. I can then pay those bills and catch up. My boys know that gifts are not an option this year for Christmas, but having a home would be present enough. My younger son starts a new part time job towards the end of this month. I finished a grad class this week, so I can try to find a part time job as well. We will be good once we get over this hump.

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