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The Modest Needs #GivingTuesday Challenge! All Gifts Matched Up to $20,000.00!

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It's #GivingTuesday, and this year, we have a FANTASTIC surprise: a challenge grant! To kick off the 'giving season,' one of Modest Needs' long-time donors has offered to match EACH and EVERY contribution you make to Modest Needs this #GivingTuesday, up to a maximum of $20,000.00!

Best of all, our donor has placed NO RESTRICTIONS on how you make your gift. Today, you can choose to support ONE or MORE of hard-working families that has turned to Modest Needs for help. Or - if your time is short - you can give to Modest Needs' General Fund by contributing to THIS application, RIGHT HERE on this page, and we'll IMMEDIATELY put your gift to work where it'll do the most good for the largest number of families possible. But HOWEVER you give, any gift you make TODAY, on #GivinTuesday, will be matched until we hit that $20,000.00 threshold. How fantastic is that?

It's not every day that we have DOUBLE the power to change a life. Thanks to this challenge grant, we have that power TODAY. So PLEASE, give as generously as you can, and let's not leave any of this matching grant on the table. There are too many people who need our help to let even ONE CENT of this challenge grant go to waste!

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