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Severe Blizzard Caused Missed Work Hours and Bills to Pile Up

My Story:

I am a 45 year old woman living in a small rural town in northern North Dakota. I became a widow at a young age when my children were ages 1 and 5, leaving me to solely take care of my family. I have worked hard all my life and took on any and all types of employment when the opportunity arose in order to provide my children. My sons are grown now and moved away and I rarely have any contact with them as they have moved to the faster paced big cities. My mother/best friend passed away close to Christmas in 2016 after battling life long health issues. It is now just me, and my mother's dog who I adopted after her passing. I enjoy reading books when I have time.

I lost my job of 16 years, where I worked my way from being a grocery clerk to being manager of the establishment, with no notice. A consequence of downsizing that people living in rural areas have to face. I was unemployed for 7 months and during that period I exhausted all of my funds and began to become overwhelmed with bills that were needing to be paid. Being that the nearest somewhat larger town is about 40 miles away, driving long distances to seek employment is a must. I finally landed a job in July as a cook at the restaurant but it requires me to drive for almost an hour to and from. In October a blizzard caused the restaurant o close for several days and the roads were impassable as the snow built up higher and higher. Finally I was able to get back to work after a few days but on the way my car hit a patch of ice and I spun 360 landing hard and deep in a snow bank off road where I remained for three hours before anyone came to my rescue. With the missed work and car issues, I need Modest Needs help with one month rent.

This funding would restore my faith in God and man and my beliefs that hard work and dedication does get you through life, even with some speed bumps along the way. December has been a very sad and depressing month for me the last few years. I pray and give our thanks and gratitude to the amazing people that made us so blessed and have given us another chance to catch up with our heads held high. I am a strong believer in pay it forward and come the time that I am able I look forward to helping someone in need, as you have helped me, and even make my own donations to Modest Needs.

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