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Temporary Loss of Income

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Need Help Catching Up After Job Loss

My Story:

I am a married father of two children ages 5 and 3. My wife and I have decided to home school the children because of my wife's education background in early childhood development. I work full-time as an account manager for a corporate training company.

I worked for Spectrum from October 2015 until last July 2019. While searching for a new job, we got behind on our bills and we need help catching up. I am back to work now, but we are late one month on our rent and the grant would help get us back on track. We are looking for your assistance in catching up with our phone bill.

This is my only communication with my wife while she is at home with the kids and I am at work. With your help we can start to get back on track and focus on rebuilding after this hardship. This would mean the world to us this holiday season. Your help would make a long-lasting impact on our family, and it would set a wonderful example for our kids. We are raising them Christian and we would like for them to see that people can truly make a difference in the lives of others, and use this as our inspiration to help others in turn.

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