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Family of 8 Fell Behind Due to Short-Term Income Loss. Please Help Us Keep Our Power On!

My Story:

We are a blended family of 8 which includes myself, my three sons, my husband and his three sons. We have 6 boys ages 2, 6, 10, 11, 15, and 16. My husband fell ill with spinal meningitis last year, causing a strenuous injury on his spine. Unfortunately he was unable to continue with his physical job as a Behavioral Health Technician, and is now a full-time student working towards a career in audio production. I work in accounts payable to support the family. We have four adorable cats in the home. We are a recent blended family, but we all love each other very much.

In the beginning of the year, our family was doing well financially. It is difficult living off one income at the moment, but we were doing well. Unfortunately, I was working a contract job that suddenly ended overnight in April. We had a bit of savings, but I was out of work until mid-May, which depleted our savings. We had to take a title loan on our vehicle in order to pay the rent. Due to the title loan and using all of our savings during those six weeks, we have fallen behind on all of our bills; I have been trying to catch up by taking payday loans out but this has caused us to fall deeper into debt with every passing month. We need help paying for our utility bill, which is through the city of Mesa. Our electric, water, and garbage are all included on this bill. We live in Arizona, and our electric bill always triples in the hot summer months. It has been extremely difficult to keep up with our higher electric bill with our tight financial budget we currently have.

Although we are already past due by two months, we have a grace period of about two weeks before our power is shut off, and are hoping we can receive one time financial help with this recurring expense. If we receive your help we will be able to catch up financially with all of our recurring expenses. With our tax refund next year, we plan to pay off the balance of the title loan on our vehicle, which will put as back in the position of being able to start saving again. This help would get our family back to a place of security, and not worrying about whether we will have a roof over our heads, or the electricity to comfortably live in the home. This assistance is greatly appreciated, and would be the help our family needs to turn our financial lives around.

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