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Imminent Loss of Vehicle
Military Veteran

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Eldery Veteran Needs Your Help to Repair Vehicle

My Story:

I am an elderly male veteran living with my emotional support animal who works with me at the VA and helps everyone. I live in South Dakota and do not have much of a support system friends or family wise around me.

In 2005 through 2017 I had helped a woman get back on her feet and get a job with the State of South Dakota. Many times over during that period I had assisted her financially and emotionally. In 2017, I was to have received half of the profit of her home that was sold here in Dakota. Unfortunately I got nothing from it. It is a criminal matter according to South Dakota Elder Law. I was in the hole financially then and things have just gotten worse. I have no extra funding to my name and my car needs repairs. need Modest Needs help with the cost of the repair.

This funding will help me greatly in getting back on my feet, both financially and emotionally. I was working in financial planning for over 40 years almost all my past clients have past away. I am in fair condition physically but have been depressed over the situation. My Integrated health care VA program keeps me going along with my emotional support animal. I now volunteer daily which helps me keep a positive attitude. Thank you for your consideration.

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