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I Moved Overseas to Train for a Non-Existent Job. I'm Back to Work but We're About to Be Evicted!

My Story:

I am a 34 year old army veteran. I am married to an amazing wife who has supported me through multiple deployments back to back. I have three children. My oldest daughter is 14. She just joined the Air Force ROTC program at her high school and volunteers for community service often. My 11 year old daughter is an avid reader and always carries a book or two to read anywhere we go, and my 9 year old boy is adventurous and always willing to try new things. He has an endless amount of questions and an extraordinary imagination.

During my last two deployments, we were earning enough income to pay our basic expenses and start building our savings, so everything was going fine. But then, when I came home, I accepted a job offer to work overseas to continue our growth. What should've been a dream job turned out to be a nightmare. They had me come overseas to train, and then I was told there was a problem with my paperwork. I needed some kind of waiver they'd failed to provide, and so I couldn't take the job & had no choice but to return home.

Since this issue, I've been looking for work and dipping into my savings to make ends meet as my unemployment ran out. My wife has carried the burden of my financial responsibilities and it has quietly affected our marriage in a negative way. But lately, things have gotten worse because we're behind on our rent, and we don't have any way to pay it. If we lose this home, we'll be homeless for the foreseeable future, and I blame myself for all of this. If I'd known what was going to happen with that job, I'd have worked full time for the National Guard. But I didn't, and now, I'm in a huge bind with nowhere else to turn.

I'm hoping that Modest Needs will help us with just one month's rent. My wife is working two jobs and I just got hired with a new company, so this funding would catch us up and help us recover from a huge financial setback we could not have anticipated. Your help will allow us to not only maintain our household, but to begin to save for a house we desperately want. We want to give the kids and our fur babies a forever home and peace of mind. Thank you.

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