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Mother In Hospital For a Week Could Now Lose Power

My Story:

I am a single mother of a 3 year old little princess. She is so smart and so loving. I love spending every minute with her. I am constantly working right now to try and stay afloat so we do not get much time together. I have worked for Walmart Vision Center for almost 15 years, and I truly love what I do. Helping others is what I live for. To see a smile on my patients face and know I helped bring that smile to them helps me get through my tough days.

I separated from my daughters father and took on more expenses living on my own with her, so I started to struggle living pay check to paycheck. I got sick on Christmas Day and stayed in the hospital through New Years and was out of work for three more weeks after that. This caused me to fall completely behind on everything. I lost my car because I couldn�t pay for it and I had to hurry and get another one which cost me a lot of money. I have to take loans from my checks every two weeks on what I already made to keep things up. So when I get my checks they are very short from what I have already taken. We need Modest Needs to help pay our electric bill.

Your help will be giving me a little more stability to catch up on my other bills. I have just signed up for Uber to bring a little more income into my household to help catch up. Your help will be a true blessing in our lives. I never want my daughter to feel the stress of our financial hardship and I pray daily for God to rain down blessing from heaven. I have been in a position to help others, and now it has come back where I am now the person needing the blessing. Any help is appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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