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Pregant Single Mother Needs Rent Help After Missing Work For Pregnancy Complications

My Story:

I am a proud working mother of two very awesome little girls. My 14-year old is a freshman in high school and currently enrolled in her schools International Baccalaureate program and my 9-year old is a very precocious 4th grader honor roll student. I am a culinary supervisor for one of Orlando's themed resorts.

While I had a small savings for emergencies, I became pregnant in June. Due to my age, it was classified as a high-risk pregnancy and because my job is physically laborious, I've had to use the majority of my paid time off and savings to supplement my income and I'm reaching the end of my financial rope. I need Modest Needs' help to pay my rent, because if not I fear that I am going to be forced to choose between transportation/utilities/food or housing for my children.

The funding from Modest Needs would enable me to provide for my family and allowing me the chance to start saving again. My 2nd trimester has been complication-free, and I've resumed working full-time at this point. Your help would set our family back on track, and would be greatly appreciated. It would also serve as an example to my daughters that there are still people out in the world who have a heart to care.

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