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Car Repair Desperately Needs to Get Done to Continue Work

My Story:

My husband and I have a daughter and a son. My daughter loves soccer. She is a very bright girl and stays very busy with her schedule. We have two dogs and a cat and love to spend time at home with each other. My son lives on his own and has a good job. I am a customer service representative and my husband works as a delivery driver.

We live paycheck to paycheck and every time it appears we are getting ahead, something breaks and we end up right where we began. My husband uses this car to do deliveries and he cannot work because it is broken. The van needs a starter and an alignment and we cannot afford to fix it right now. We need Modest Needs help to pay the repair bill for our car to get it running again. My husband is unable to work and I worry that we will not be able to feed our family soon. We are hard-working individuals and hate to ask for help. With this expense, we have no other choice but to ask for help so we can survive.

Help with this car repair expense would take a weight off our shoulders that seems to be crushing us. My husband would be able to go back to work and we could continue our life. My daughter is 13 years old and worries about the financial situation and this would ease her concerns. It would also teach her that giving for the sake of giving really does make a difference. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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