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Mother of Son Diagnosed With Autism Needs Help Keeping Vehicile Insured

My Story:

I am divorced and live with my twin sister and her daughter in a log home in the woods. I have a 13 year old son who lives with us as well. I work full time, and keep my finances separate from my sister.

I live pay check to pay check and I no longer have a savings as I had to use all of it and then some to pay for my son's Autism testing. He requires therapy every month and I have to drive thirty minutes each way for each therapy session. I am struggling to stay afloat even with living with my sister. I do not get food stamps and have to pay for my healthcare out of my work paycheck. I need Modest Needs help with our auto insurance, so I can keep my car on the road to take care of my son's needs.

The funding would help take some of the burden off my shoulders. It would help me start building some savings again so I can have security for myself and my son. I want to save to get us a little home. Please help us.

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