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Mom of 3 Had a Miscarriage and Now needs help with Medical bills

My Story:

I am a married mother of a 3 year old beautiful girl. She came in this world 7 weeks early and was in the hospital due to my severe pre-eclampsia. However, with the incredible help of the NICU nurses she is perfectly healthy and thriving. I just finished my Master's degree in accounting and my husband works at an ophthalmology office.

My husband and I wanted to grow our family and to our surprise we made a honeymoon baby. We shared the exciting news with our families. However, one labor day I was getting really bad cramps and back pain so we went to the emergency room. The doctor could not find a heartbeat and told us I was having an incomplete miscarriage at 11 1/2 weeks pregnant. We were heartbroken. They sent me home with no medication and said the fetus would pass. The next day I was bleeding heavily and felt like I was having contractions. I went in the hospital where I lost 3 liters of blood. The had to perform a D&E in order to remove the fetus and stop the bleeding. My husband and I are asking for help on one of our medical bills.

This funding will bring our household back to safe. We already live paycheck to paycheck and we would be extremely grateful for any help. We have made a plan to save a part of our check in case this ever happens to us again. We still want a bigger family but have decided to wait until we are more financially stable.

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