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My Mother Died Unexpectedly. I Can't Afford to Bury Her. Please Help Me Lay Her to Rest.

My Story:

I am single woman, working full-time at a warehouse as a packer. I live alone here in Illinois and do not have a big support system for help with unexpected expenses.

I have only been working for two months and a half and I live paycheck to paycheck. Unfortunately my mom unexpectedly passed in October of this year and I have no funds to pay the remaining balance of her burial. I am going through a lot mentally and emotionally and I really have no-one else to turn to. I need Modest Needs to help me with this one time expense. All of her expenses have been paid except for what I am asking for to cover the cost to bury her. I have nothing left to give. Please help.

This funding will help me be relax knowing that I was able to lay my mom to rest peacefully. I will forever be grateful to Modest Needs.Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story.

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