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Single Mother Support Disabled Child Needs Help With Mortgage

My Story:

I am a single mother of a very wonderful daughter. I work in a call center as a Benefit Administrator for a company in Greenville, SC. My daughter goes to Greenville Tech but cannot work due to some disabilities. She is an amazing writer and is going to school for editing and writing. Because she had good grades in high school and I don't make very much, she qualified for a Life Scholarship at this school. We have a dog named Sadie who we both adore and we love to watch Marvel movies together.

I earn enough to pay bills normally but since my daughter cannot work, it is up to me to support her. Her father does not help her anymore now that she is out of high school. She is going to a tech school and does well most of the time, but if she has really hard classes sometimes she does not meet the grade point average to keep her Life Scholarship. When that happened this past summer, I had to pay a large sum of money so she could stay in school and start receiving the Life Scholarship again the next semester. Making this payment caused my checking account to overdraft, which caused additional fees and I have been behind ever since. We need Modest Needs help to pay the mortgage for this month and then I can get back on track.

This funding will take the worry off my shoulders and bring my bills to current. I am working to find a second job or rent a room in my house, so that I have the means to have emergency money- but those things are taking time. Thank you for your help to me and my daughter.

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