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Pipe Burst in Front Yard, Need Help With Huge Utility Bill

My Story:

I am a married mother of two boys. My oldest who is 4 years old is super wild and loves attention. My youngest will be 2 years old in in February. He is my calm, serene baby. He is just happy to be here. My husband and I are both servers at a popular midtown coffee shop/breakfast restaurant. He has been there 9 years and I have been there 1.5 years.

We have never had to go without, we do okay for ourselves, minus a few broad strokes. We own a house in a relatively nice area, there are no bills we have to ignore. However, a little over a month ago, a water pipe burst in our front yard in a very non-visible area, and by the time we saw it and had it repaired, it ran up a high utility bill from running constantly. This came at a time when both cars needed repairs and our oldest started at a private pre-k to get him caught up academically. We have been sent a final cutoff notice. We need Modest Needs help to keep our power on.

It will give us peace of mind and wipe our slate with our power company clean, which we desperately need since the cold winter months are coming. It will avoid a large amount of disconnect charges, and it will give us a chance to get back on track. Thank you.

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