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A Pipe Burst In Our Front Yard. We Got a Giant Utility Bill & We're Losing Service This Week. Help!

My Story:

I am a married mother of two boys. My oldest who is 4 years old is super wild and loves attention. My youngest will be 2 years old in in February. He is my calm, serene baby. He is just happy to be here! My husband and I are both servers at a popular midtown coffee shop/breakfast restaurant. He has been there 9 years and I have been there 1.5 years. We don't have tons of money or anything, but most of the time we make it. We were even able to save up enough to buy a small starter home . So mostly, except for a few broad strokes, we do okay for ourselves.

Right now, for the first time in our married life, my husband and I are in huge trouble, all because, about a month ago, a pipe burst in a hidden area of our front yard. We didn't notice what had happened for a day or so, until we went outside and our front lawn was basically flooded! Anyway, we had the pipe fixed right away, but by the time the pipe was fixed, water had been gushing out of it constantly for almost two days. And then the water bill came.

Normally, our water bill is around $50 or so. Our water bill for this month is 20x more, well over $1000, and the water company has been no help at all. They say that the amount of water used is our responsibility and that we have no choice but to pay this bill. What's worse is that where we live, water and power are controlled by the same company, so if we don't pay this bill, they'll turn off BOTH our water AND power. If that happens, we'll still have to pay this bill, plus a HUGE security deposit to have our services turned back on, and we just can't afford that kind of money.

We need Modest Needs help to pay this insane utility bill so that we can keep our water and power working. With your help, we can put this whole ordeal behind us & wipe our slate with our power company clean, which we desperately need since the cold winter months are coming. You'll also be helping us to avoid a huge amount of late charges, disconnection and re-connect fees. Most of all, though, you'll be restoring our peace of mind because some really cold nights are coming up, and we don't know how we're going to keep our kids warm without you. That's our biggest concern. Thank you for helping if you can. We'll never forget your kindness.

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