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I'm a Recently Discharged, Disabled Veteran With a CPAP Machine. Please Help Us Catch Up on Electric

My Story:

I am a retired, married Veteran. I receive enough VA benefits to pay for our basic expenses every month, but we tend to live paycheck to paycheck now. We just recently returned to our home state after serving and living on base with free electricity and free water for a very long time. I honestly had no idea how much utilities cost, and our first bill was a shock! Now we have those utilities to pay and budgeting these utilities have been a challenge for the last three months.

These issues with our utility bills has made my transition to civilian life much harder than I thought it would ever be, but now, we're close a cut-off notice on our electricity. Without help, we'll likely be without electricity for at least two weeks until my next paycheck hits. That's bad enough, but I have severe obstructive sleep apnea and I utilize a CPAP machine to prevent me from stopping breathing while I'm asleep, so electricity is essential to my health.

Can you please consider helping us to catch up this electric bill? This funding will bring our electric bill current again and restore our sense of stability. Now that I'm getting more stable with my health my wife is able to look for employment, which will give us a chance to build an emergency savings fund for ourselves. Your help would make a long-lasting impact on my family. Thank you in advance!

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