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Veteran Parents Need Your Help to Move and Support Family

My Story:

I am married with a family of four. My wife just just honorably discharged from the military in October and we both are returning from a deployment to Iraq in 2016. We both went to school and received GI Bill Post 9/11 benefits. We had two children along the way. We plan to go active duty and raise our children to be successful young boys. We are just currently in an unfortunate situation.

I just graduated from Pembroke University with a Bachelors in Philosophy and Religion. I just received my CDL license and am in training with US Xpress Trucking company. My family is surviving but were on the edge now. Assistance from you all will be a big relief and give us a break to move into a smaller house now that my step daughter is no longer in North Carolina. We are doing our best, my wife and I, but in need of some help now. We need just need your help with our rent this month.

This funding will help me and my family pay our landlord and give us a chance to move into a more affordable home. I plan to go active duty army after we move out of this home but we need to pay the late rent before moving forward. Again, we will greatly appreciate your help and I will be more than thankful for you helping me and my family!

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