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Couple Needs Help keeping Lights on After Kidney Stone

My Story:

My 91 year old mother recently passed. I was her caregiver when she became ill. I am actively looking to join the workforce again, and my finance works full time to support us. He is my rock and has really been there for me during my grief.

With my fiance being the only one who has been working these past dew months, we are living pay check to pay check. He is suffering with a kidney stone of over 10.5cm and has lost time from work. After 10 months a surgery is finally scheduled. Along with time missed, we also had to pay for some medical expenses. We now need your help with our electric bill.

Your help will allow us to be able to get back on our feet. Hopefully I will have a job in the next month and we can start to build an emergency fund. Oct. Your assistance would relieve the stress we constantly feel now.

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