Paid 10/06/2019
Self-Sufficiency Grant
Imminent Loss of Utilities
Military Veteran

Fully Funded

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeI want to sincerely thank you for blessing my family with this grant. My kids and myself are so grateful that people like you are willing to help others. I've been praying to God for help, he knows my heart. I am a hard-working person. The unexpected expenses for my car couldn't have came at hard time for us. It is my only means of transportation.Being a Veteran, I am so use to helping others it was so hard for me to ask for help. But I needed it so bad. I just fell on some hard times. No more sleepless night and waking up looking like I've cried all night. With this blessing I can sleep a little better. God bless you. I humbly thank you again.

I'm a Veteran & Work Online. I Had to Fix My Car & Need Help to Keep My Job and Our Home!

My Story:

I am a Veteran and mother of amazing 12 year old twins, a boy and girl. We have a dog named Courage and a cat name Raven. They all keep me pretty busy. My son wants to do coding and he is very interested in computers. My daughter wants to be a director and actress. We love doing art together as well as outdoor activities. I am a very hard working mom.

I am employed full time as a contracting officer, and I'm lucky because a lot of my work is online, and I can work from home most of the time. This actually saves a lot of money because I don't have to drive to work or pay for any kind of child care, but I still need a car so that I can pick up my kids, take them to their activities, things like that. Well, last month, I had a huge financial setback. I'd been putting off some car repairs that I finally couldn't put off any more. Those repairs, plus my kids' back to school costs took a huge bite out of my budget, and I got behind on my Internet bill. I'm now over two months behind and if I can't pay within a the next week, they're going to turn off my service. If they do that, I'll lose my job, and if that happens, I'm afraid to think of where my family will be four weeks from now . . . .

I've reached out to friends and family but no one has the money to help me right now. Then I found out about Modest Needs from a military resource officer, and so I'm here asking for help to pay this Internet bill. If you could please help me just this one time, you'd be saving my job and helping me & my children to avoid the consequences of my being unemployed, even for a few days. For us, that would be a disaster. Thank you so much for helping if you can.

As of 2019-10-06, this application has been fully funded!

This request for help was funded at the recommendation and through the support of Modest Needs' donors.

Application Status Update: On 2019-10-24, Modest Needs sent payment via Credit / Debit Card in the amount of $389.06 to xFinity/Comcast on behalf of this deserving individual.