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Took FMLA to Care For Daughter, Please Save Our Only Vehicle

My Story:

I am a single mother in a committed relationship, I live with my boyfriend and two daughters. My oldest daughter is 17 years old and in the process of selecting the college she wants to attend. She has just been chosen to be english tutor to students in her high school. My youngest is 15 and she loves doing hair and considering starting a small business. We also have two dogs, Lilly and Sai. I am a home healthcare worker and my boyfriend works in the mortgage service industry.

Like most people, we live paycheck to paycheck. My oldest daughter was in a traumatic car accident 4 years ago that has left her with emotional scars. Due to normal teenage angst and the trauma of that car accident, she suffers from severe anxiety. It got to the point that I needed to stay home with her and have her attend therapy. Therefore, I needed to take a family leave of absence from my job. The stress of caring for my daughter impacted me because I also suffer from anxiety. We have gotten behind on making our car payment and would like assistance since the one car is our only mode of transportation for the family. My boyfriend and I are now both back working and need our car to continue to work. We are asking for Modest Needs to pay our car payment.

The funding would relive a tremendous amount of stress on our household. Since my daughter's and I suffer from anxiety, any added stress impacts us not only mentally but physically. It would also provide my boyfriend and I relief so we can focus on our jobs and supporting our family. Your help would give us an opportunity to start our savings plan again, so we would not need to ask for assistance again. I am very involved with my church and believe in playing my blessings forward. Every Christmas I hand out goodie bags with small presents and food to the homeless. This small gesture would inspire me to not only help during Christmas time but year round.

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