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Gap of Income Between New Job, Single Mother of 4 Needs Your Help

My Story:

I am a single mother of 4 boys. My 16 year old plays football, my 11 year old enjoys playing soccer and my 9 and 6 year old enjoy playing basketball at the Boys and Girls club. My boys are very active and are very helpful at home. I've recently started working as a Special Education Teacher Assistant at an elementary school.

I earned enough to pay my rent and other household bills, but when starting this new job, I had to let go of my other job so I could actively be with my children when they are home at night. The school year just started and our pay will be lagged. This has caused me to be behind on my bills, especially my electricity bill. I need Modest Needs' help because I am now two months behind on my electricity bill. I had to purchase my children a few items to start the school year with and there is no way I can catch up on this alone.

This funding will help me get caught up on this major bill and I will be able to monitor the usage in my home to keep my bill low. I will also look into tutoring at the school in the afternoon to make extra money each month. Your help would be extremely appreciated and I will use this experience to pay it forward to someone else in need. Thank you.

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